Specialty Seafood Plates

ORIGINAL AHI SEARED TUNA lightly seared fresh tuna, sliced, served with garnish, chives and classic sea steak sauce $12.95
AHI SEARED TUNA … "Animal Style" original classic sea steak topped with sautéed grilled garlic, onion & hot pepper $13.95
SPICY DREAM NO.1 (RAW) seared tuna, sliced, served with creamy orange sauce & yellow sauce $12.95
SPICY DREAM NO.2 "tempura roll" tuna, salmon, deep fried shrimp, fresh avocado served with 2SPD sauce $9.95
SPICY DREAM NO.3 (Partial Raw) combination of Spicy Dream No. 1 and No. 2 $13.95
FISH ON FIRE (Raw) slices of albacore tuna seasoned with spicy peppers and a twist of lemon $12.95
GARLIC SALMON (Raw) seared salmon served with oriental garlic avocado sauce $14.95
SPECIAL SCALLOP (Raw) seared scallop on top of rice cubes, special original sauce with masago & chives $11.95
BON BON (Raw) choice of tuna, salmon or yellowtail stuffed with crab meat, masago, chives with special sauce $11.95
SASHIMI SALAD choice of tuna, salmon, yellowtail or mixed served on small green salad $8.50
POKKI SALAD seared tuna, wakame, kanikama, cucumber, chives, sesame oil with sesame seeds $11.95
EBI~POKKI SALAD seared tuna, tempura shrimp, wakame, kanikama, cucumber, chives, sesame oil with sesame seeds $13.95

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